Friday, May 14, 2010

Texas Rangers

Have started the 2010 season well--off to a 20-15 start and currently in first place in the division.

One interesting statistic is that through 35 games the Rangers are 2nd in the American League in saves (12) and 2nd in blown saves (7), and in each category are 1 behind the AL leader. I'll take this as a sign that the starting pitching has been very good so far this season.

If you're finding you have nothing better to do

Then join the Pigou Club.

But first, you may wish to know what is the Pigou Club? Here is the original charter, err, manifesto.

VMWare's Paul Maritz on finding humility

Here, from Forbes.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Malcolm Gladwell

in his own words

Certainly not all statements he makes here are true, but maybe a close-to-the-mark provocative statement is frequently more useful than a simple, true fact?