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All I want for Christmas

Is that too much to ask?

Papa Strange's Rules for Mama Strange's Freshman English Course

I've talked many times before about this and even asked Jen if I could come in and give a 5-minute presentation on things guaranteed to lower your grade, but every time Jen presents a new and amazing thing a student has done, we've forgotten the last amazing and unprecedented folly. So here we are:

Papa Strange's Rule #1:
Don't pick your nose in class. (This probably seems obvious to you, since you paid attention in third grade and have conformed to societal norms, but for some students this should probably be reminded.)

Papa Strange's Rule #2:
Don't eat during class. No cheeseburgers, no candy, and definitely none of #1. Class only lasts fifty minutes (you can wait) except for those once-per-week classes, but if you can't arrange your week so that you aren't eating during a specific three-hour period you probably aren't fit for college... or church... or work...

Papa Strange's Rule #3
Show up to class and bring your book. Well, probably you could get by with just reading, thinking about the text, and remembering the text in an intellectual manner, but few students take this obsolete approach to college so I suggest simply showing up with book in hand.

More rules to follow, but is a pretty large list already and maybe too much for the common freshman all at once.