Monday, September 25, 2006

It's hard to explain to someone else why you fly

and even harder to convince them they should as well (though I'm not in favor of the convincing). Most people have not flown, and those who have usually decide very quickly on which side of desire they sit. Likewise even the unflown are usually certain in their foreaffections. But, if pictures were able to translate the feeling you get when flying then this slideshow would be as close as it gets. Enjoy.

I'm well behind here

That is the working title for my last abandoned post. I'm well behind in posting, and at some point I'll write with regularity, so here is my attempt to restart.

Today at work I had an absurd conversation, which is not so surprising should you know me. It was genuine, though, and certainly gives insight into the way I approach life. (Should you have any way to access this insight and assemble it into knowledge or reason, please forward it to me.
) Upon setting up a computer I asked a lady if she wanted a new keyboard and mouse; her response was a quick and definite yes. I have to ask this sort of question because every new computer comes with keyboard and mouse but many users have purchased their own specific to their needs or desires and I don't want to discard these unknowingly. Somehow in this I get caught up wondering aloud what is the plural of mouse.

Of course the plural of mouse should still be mice even if it is electric. But that's not how we like to talk, and I think if you pay attention you'll find people willing to talk about buying mouses for computers. Not that you often have reason to talk about computer mice, but you often talk about email, right? And sometimes you get lots and lots of emails? Or do you really? We don't get junk mails at home, why should we get junk emails?

This doesn't really matter to me much--what I really want to know is why do road signs sometimes get it so wrong? Are we really supposed to Watch for falling rock? No, actually we are supposed to watch for fallen rock, which is a road hazard in moutainous areas. Indeed that's the purpose of road signs--to alert to you hazards along your path. If you're like me, however, you've spent many hours (or minutes, at least) peering through the back windows looking upward trying see the rock destined to crush your roof flat. Certainly there is some danger in rock falling onto your car while driving the mountain pass, but the danger in looking upward while driving a mountain road that has fallen rock ahead is, well, more than certain.

The emails, the emails, what--what, the emails